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The Sacred Trusts have always been duly revered by the hosting community and treated in a ceremonial fashion. When we view them, we are prompted by a sensation of respect for religion, and our hearts have been guided as if by a compass. We have refreshed our bonds with those exalted persons to whom they are connected, and we sense their glory. Even at times when disrespectful behavior has shaken our sacred values, we have humbly greeted these objects and strived to maintain our admiration.

We are now introduced to a masterpiece which will give us an opportunity to step into the mysterious realm of the Sacred Trusts, delve into the dazzling memories of the past at every page, and depart for a journey into the eras where the light of our ancestors rains down on every place and time, each with a different magnificence and eminence. We sincerely believe that The Sacred Trusts will speak to appreciative readers through each and every paragraph, picture, and sentence and that this book will compose outstanding melodies for those who are loyal to their spiritual makeup. It will perhaps deliver the most amazing sermon to our imagination, speaking even more eloquently than the most colorful, comprehensive, and meaningful speech. * * *

Published by The Light, Inc.
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Clifton, New Jersey
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